Who we are

leftimage02The company started in 1964 with the name Genberg & Fredriksson but in the year after, in 1965, Bengt Fredriksson bought Genberg out, then the name was changed to Sorby Jarn & Metall AB. 1985 his son, Mikael Fredriksson and Bengt Fredriksson’s step son, Mikael Ericson bought the company, and they have been runing Sorby Jarn & Metall AB since then. From the start-up most of the work was carried out towards Vattenfall and ASEA Atom both on their engineering and nuclear power plants, but when these began to be settle down, the company focused on the rest of ASEA (today ABB) and an oven company named Tabo. Since then and until today we have tied several large customers to Sorby, so our combined expertise and experience is increasing every year.

What we do today
Today we are a company that does a lot of complete solutions in which we purchase certain components and produces the remaining parts ourselves, labels and pack for shipping directly to the customer’s site. Our main expertise is in manufacturing and refurbishing of parts for hydro generators and cremation ovens. We are however open to other new and exciting challenges in the context of the company. We currently have 14 employees and annual sales of approximately 24 million SEK per year.

Licenses and Certifications
We have welding license A-287-1 certification issued by FORCE Technology Sweden AB. Our ambition is to apply the ISO 3834-2 during 2010.

Enviromental policy
Miljopolicy-enOur objective is to promote the enviroment and strive for sustainable development. By continously educate and inform our staff, we can contribute to a reduced impact on the enviroment. We shall encourage high enviromental and quality performance of orders, services and service, and always try to be among the foremost in the field of enviroment. Continue reading

Quality policy
Sorby Jarn & Metall AB and each of the employees shall deliver products on time and with zero failure to meet the expected quality to the customer. With products referred to in both goods and services. Our policy means that we in Sorby Jarn & Metall AB always endeavor to meet the expectations of our customers. Continue reading